May 8, 2013

At The Con


Please note that our panel submission is open.  The form can be found here.

Dance Showcase

Tryouts for our noncompetitive showcase will be limited on a space available basis.  There will only be cuts if necessary to meet time constraints.  Music will need to be provided at time of tryouts and participants will dance a portion of their routine to show they are prepared.   Time per participant will be limited to 2 MINUTES. No profane language will be allowed so please have pre-cut edited/radio versions.  Dances that last longer than 2 minutes may be allowed if there are few participants, so bring multiple cuts just in case.  Please show up on time so we can move quickly through the tryouts.  Any questions can be sent to:

Remember, this is going to be a noncompetitive event.  No places will be handed out and anyone who dances is welcome to join.  We are looking for a wide variety of dancers who want to show off their unique style.  Judging will be available at request for those who would like constructive pointers.


Artist’s Alley

Looking to take commissions and sell some prints, but don’t want a Dealer’s Table? Our Artist’s Alley may be just what you need. It’s open every day of the con so you’ll be able to commission and be commissioned whenever you’d like. A few things to know: – Each spot in our Artist’s Alley is for half a table. – Spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Signups will happen at the con at a TBD time. – You are free to step away from your spot for a few minutes, though should you need to be gone for more than 15 minutes we ask that you pack up your things as a courtesy to anyone on our waiting list. – No food may be sold in the Artist’s Alley. You are allowed to bring in food for your own consumption, as long as you clean up any mess you make.

Please note: Selling artwork and other goods may only take place in either the Artist’s Alley or the Dealer’s Den. Anyone found selling outside of these areas may face ejection from the convention.