February 12, 2016

Fursuit Contest

Fursuit Building Contest Rules:

1. All competitors must finish the suit prior to arriving at the con.

2. The entry fee of $20 must be paid for prior to starting. No fee, no entry. (The fee can be paid on the Registration page.)

3. A minimum of 1 progress picture per day must be recorded and be titled “Project Fursuit Competition Progress Picture Update” with the date as mm/dd/yyyy after. If more than one picture is taken, each must also have a number after the date, using “#” (ex. 05/05/2016 #1). Each entry will be judged based on a set of point categories, with no more than 10 categories total (to be decided).

-If the suit is done partially or fully on stream, it would be greatly appreciated, but not required, if the video (or at least the portion relevant to the competition) was recorded and posted for viewing.

4.  All entrants may use their own fur, buy fur as needed, or use donated fur if they wish, and make new parts for any that they decide to make. Non-competitors may donate fur, and must have a receipt or a note with yardage attached to the fur bundle. Fur and other supplies may be bought and delivered prior to the start of the two weeks.

5. The competition will will begin at 10 AM Thursday, May 12th, 2016, and end 24 hours before the Opening Ceremonies at 10 AM Friday, May 27, 2016. All entries need to be turned in by 9 AM on Friday, May 27th. Supplies may not be ordered or delivered prior to 10 AM, Friday, April 28, 2016. Any Dream Vision Creation items may be bought prior to April 28th, however, delivery must still occur within one week prior to start of contest.

6. All purchased parts must have a receipt turned in for proof. If possible please provide the items tracking list (arrival/departure points and times).

Categories and Points include, but not limited to:
Aesthetic (10 points)
Documentation (10 points)
Original Work (more bought parts = lower points) (10 points)
Mobility (10 points) better mobility = more points
Sight (10 points) better sight = more points
Judges will not be awarding points for cost.

Depending on total number of entries and categories, 1st through 3rd place may be named. Voter’s Choice will be awarded as well. Competitors are to turn in their entry 1 hour prior to Thursday’s Registration period
minimum. Voter’s choice will take place at registration, with each vote having been noted on the
registration log. Voters may not vote more than once, but may end up being able to vote for more than
one entry, depending on the total number of entries.