May 8, 2013


Please note: Selling artwork and other goods may only take place in either the Artist’s Alley or the Dealer’s Den. Anyone found selling outside of these areas may face ejection from the convention.

If you intend to be a Dealer for 2016, please read the following before registering. 

All Dealers must be selling under a current Michigan Sales Tax license or complete a Form 5089, Concessionaire’s Sales Tax Return and Payment Form. There will be absolutely NO exceptions to this rule. You will be required to provide this prior to selling any merchandise, including personal commissions, at Great Lakes Fur Con. If you don’t have a permit or do not intend to file a form 5089, you will not be able to sell and there will be no refunds. It is your responsibility to take care of this detail.

Information on obtaining a Michigan Sales Tax License can be found at:,1607,7-238-43519_43521-155361–,00.html

Form 5089 can be found at

The following rules apply to all dealers at Great Lakes Fur Con:
1) The Holiday Inn Express does not permit the sales of food items in the Dealers Den. Other than that, there are no restrictions on the sale of legal merchandise. We do, however, request that all merchandise be sf-, fan-, or furry-related. Items of an adult nature may be sold if and only if these items are not on public display. All adult art must have genitalia (defined as female nipples or any detailing/definition of male and female groin areas) covered with stickers, post-it’s, opaque tape, etc. Placing the covering on the plastic sleeve holding the print is acceptable. Items that are not suitable for minors must be kept separately from non-adult material. A tag or divider between “regular” and “adult” material in a binder is not sufficient. It is the responsibility of the dealer to keep adult materials out of the hands and sight of anyone under 18 years of age, and to ensure that these materials are discreetly handled when being viewed by a customer. Minors attending Great Lakes Fur Con will have clearly identifiable badges, and all dealers will be told how to recognize them. Great Lakes Fur Con holds each dealer responsible to ensure that minors are not permitted to view, handle, or be otherwise exposed to adult materials. Dealers who are repeatedly found to be displaying adult-oriented items in such a fashion that underage members can view them will be removed from the Dealer’s Den without refund.

2) Flashing/rotating lights, sound generators or other excessively annoying displays will not be permitted. The volume of video soundtracks or other audio must be kept low enough that they do not annoy customers or other dealers.

3) No pirated material of any sort will be allowed in the Dealer’s Den. Material that is otherwise unavailable in the United States will be decided upon on a case-by-case basis. A rough guideline: Tapes of cartoons that have fallen into the public domain are acceptable, but a home compilation of “Minerva Mink’s Greatest Hits” is not. Selling books, CDs or any other item that includes work by another person from which full permission has not been obtained is strictly prohibited. If the material is questionable, the Dealer’s Den Manager will try to be reasonable, but will err on the side of caution.

4) Due to the limited space behind tables, please restrict the number of people seated at any full table to two. Keep all items neatly piled under the table or as close to it as possible do not impede the passage of other dealers behind the tables. Any items that are placed in the aisle in such a way that customer traffic is impeded will be removed by Dealer’s Den staff. Any person or group of people that is causing undue congestion will be politely asked to disperse.

5) There is to be no horseplay (or other animal play) in the Dealer’s Den. We do not want to see anyone trip and injure himself or someone else, or cause damage to someone’s merchandise. “If you break it, you bought it.” Great Lakes Fur Con is not responsible for injuries, breakage or loss incurred by or caused by any dealer or member.

6) Foreplay is definitely out. Take it elsewhere, please.

7) Per hotel rules, no outside food is permitted inside the conference center. Drinks in reclosable containers are permitted as long as they do not spill.

8) The Dealer’s Den Manager and/or staff reserve the right to refuse service to any person or entity. If anyone is disruptive, ignores the rules, or harasses other persons and is not amenable to correction, Great Lakes Fur Con will take the appropriate action, up to and including removal of the offender from the convention. This includes dealers and friends as well as customers/members. If Great Lakes Fur Con’s management is forced to eject a dealer or any other person due to violations of the rules, no refund will be given of any membership fees.

9) All decisions made by the Dealer’s Den Manager regarding appropriateness of display, merchandise or conduct will be final. Decisions made by the staff are subject to approval by the Dealer’s Den Manager; it should be noted, however, that it is highly unlikely that the Dealer’s Den Manager will reverse a decision made by a staff member.


Dealers may register for their tables on the Registration page. Tables are available on a first come, first served basis and are extremely limited.