Furry Olympic Wrap-Up

GLFC 2016 was a success! Here’s the con by the numbers:
-308 attendees
-127 fursuiters in the fursuit parade
-$1600 raised for Crash’s Landing, which will be used to help rid Crash’s and Big Sid’s of ringworm
-Infinite amounts of fun!

We want to thank our Guests of Honor Coopertom, Scurrow and King Gourd for gracing us with their presence, our DJs for spinning great music, our volunteers for being a huge help, our staff for sacrificing time, money and sleep to make the con run, and most of all YOU, our attendees, because without you the con would not exist.

And so, the Furry Olympic torch has been extinguished. We hope you all travel safely, and we look forward to seeing you next year, when we will take a cinematic look at creepy Midwestern ghost stories with “Furrywood’s Great Lakes Legends”, featuring our Guests of Honor JD Puppy and Blind Coyote. Stay Furry!