Use common sense and treat others the way you want to be treated.

The primary purpose of Great Lakes Fur Con (or GLFC) is to have a safe, fun environment that all attendees can enjoy. In order to ensure such an atmosphere, an accepted code of conduct must be followed by all. By following these simple rules we can help ensure that you and those around you will also have a safe and fun experience.

Personal/General Conduct

While within the convention area (this area is classified as the entire hotel with the exception of the guest rooms) all attendees are required to conduct themselves in a mature fashion. We are not the only guests in the hotel and maintaining a PG-13 is recommended during the day. At night some of the events will have more of a mature rating but is to be understood that while not in the event conduct will remain at the PG-13 rating.

For safety reasons, please do not throw items. This includes toys that shoot projectiles and silly string.

Shirts, pants, and footwear must be worn at all times outside of your hotel room. Dress appropriately for weather conditions.

Please dispose of waste in its proper containers. Help us keep the convention as clean as we can.

Sleeping in the convention area or public space is strictly prohibited.

Remember to be courteous to all guests staying in the hotel by keeping the noise level down, especially during the night hours when other guests are trying to sleep.

The convention and its events are strictly for members only. All attendees are required to have their convention badge with them at all times. This badge is valid only for the person to whom it was issued. Sharing of a badge is not allowed.

GLFC and its staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Any items found can be turned in or recovered at Convention Operations. Items turned in will be held for three (3) months following the event, they will not be held until next year. The staff will do its best to return items to their rightful owners as efficiently as we can. Any items recovered in the three months following the event will be returned at the owner’s expense.

Elevators. We understand that they can be an issue. During high volume flows a staff member will be directing traffic at the elevators to help insure all people get to their destinations as quickly as possible. To make this as efficient as possible please be prepared to form lines. The order in which people will use the elevator will be non-attendees/ mobility impaired, fursuiters with one handler, and then everyone else based on who has been waiting the longest.


GLFC is dedicated to providing a harassment-free convention for everyone regardless of age, race, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, or personal beliefs. We will not tolerate harassment of attendees, volunteers, staff, or non attending guests. If you feel you are being harassed, tell a member of the staff.

Harassment includes threats, stalking, deliberate intimidation, demeaning insults, or unwanted physical contact. This means if someone says “No” or “Stop”, you stop. All reports made to the staff of GLFC will be investigated on an individual basis and if needed proper authorities will be called.


All clothing must be considered appropriate for the public. This means no underwear or “Speedos” on the outside of clothes or suits. This will also include no diapers visible, unless needed for specific reasons. Chaps and certain lingerie may be approved by security staff. When in doubt, always ask.


Only legal service animals are allowed in the convention area. All others will be asked to leave. Please refer to the hotel’s policy for more information regarding pets in the hotel rooms.


Defined as anyone under the age of 18 and will be identified by the appropriate badges.


There is no smoking in the hotel/ hotel rooms. Designated smoking areas will be clearly marked or be at least 50 feet from any entrance. Please also follow all smoking rules in place by hotel.


Legal drinking age in the state of Michigan is 21. It is a felony to supply alcohol to anyone under age. Anyone found supplying for minors or is a minor in possession of alcohol will be reported to the local law enforcement and will be removed from the convention and hotel immediately.

While at GLFC we ask that you use alcohol responsibly and in moderation. No open containers will be allowed outside of designated areas or hotel rooms. Any individual found to be disruptive or belligerent due to inebriation will be escorted back to their room. Repeat offenders will be removed from the convention.

Controlled & Illegal Substances

The sale, purchase, and or use of any controlled substance is forbidden at GLFC and any part of the hotel. Any person(s) discovered selling, buying, or using illegal substances will immediately be removed from the convention and proper law enforcement authorities will be called.

Weapons/ Replicas

No weapons allowed. These include: fire-arms, bladed weapons of any kind, flailing weapons, blunt weapons, explosive devices, or any object designed to inflict harm. Pocket knives with single sided edges measuring less than five (5) inches are acceptable. Anyone discovered carrying a weapon will be removed from convention.

Replica weapons may be carried if they are a part of a performance and are approved by security staff only.

Media, Photos, and Video

The use of personal photos and video recordings on or about the convention are permitted. Please be courteous to the people you are taking photos/recordings of. Please ask for permission and be respectful of their decisions. The use of photography, filming, or audio recording for the purpose of sales, publication, or public media use is strictly prohibited. In respect of the privacy of the staff and members at GLFC, the event space will be a media free zone.


We welcome furry fans from everywhere; but we also understand that the security has a responsibility to ensure the safety and well being of all who attend. That being said, security staff reserves the right to act according to the situation. This includes, but not limited to, a verbal warning or potential removal from the current convention. Anyone wishing to discuss the decision of the security official may bring their case to the head of security before the end of the convention. If a member is prohibited by the hotel management from its premises for any reason, Great Lakes Fur Con will have no choice but to revoke current membership and deny any future memberships until the hotel lifts the ban.

Great Lakes Fur Con reserves the right to change, amend, and or modify the code of conduct at any time without any prior notice.