May 7, 2013


Great Lakes Fur Con is proud to announce its 2017 Guests of Honor — J.D. Puppy and Blind Coyote!  Here’s a little bit about our special guests this year!

J.D. Puppy


When JD Puppy joined the fandom a dozen years ago and attended his first convention in 2005, he certainly wasn’t expecting the amazing path of exciting experiences that the following decade had in store for him! Although he dedicates time as a furry artist and fursuit builder (check out his link above!), he is likely most recognized for his fursuit performance and his work in the fursuit dancing scene.

Finding his roots in performance in stage theater and college mascotting, JD has given his energy to entertaining convention audiences over the years, as the loveable, hyperactive, floppy-eared brown puppy, as well as taking on a new style of performance in 2010 with the hope-to-be-popufur that many either love or love to hate, Buddy. JD is happy to support conventions in furthering their attendees’ skills in the fandom’s unique niche of performance art through fursuiting panels, and he also takes great pride in promoting the development and showcase of dance talent, beginners and seasoned dancers alike, through dance events. His most notable contributions include working with fursuit dance competition teams, including being there for the start of dance compst at AC (2008) and Furfest (2011).

A former longtime resident of NYC, JD now finds his home in the suburbs of Chicago, and enjoys spending his time playing card and board games and tackling challenging escape rooms. Previously, JD’s athletic aspirations included being a competitive Latin and Ballroom dancer as a championship-level amateur, but his passion for fitness continues as a certified ACE fitness personal trainer. As a professional, JD is an active CPA and is pursuing his PMP and PHR certifications, and spends his days assisting a global technology company execute on its strategies for hiring contingent labor around the world, including a focus on helping individuals with disabilities and veterans find meaningful work.

JD is elated to have been selected to be Guest of Honor for GLFC 2017!